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My graduate capstone project, simulating how an autonomous vehicle system might behave. Users can create maps with roads and vehicles, set vehicles destinations, then set the map running and watch them go. The majority of the simulation is programmed in Flash, content is saved in a MySQL database, with administration handled by Drupal.

A Flash animation (without audio) that I came up with to advertise my department's services.

This sign language dictionary is programmed in Flash, allowing viewers to learn tons of vocabulary and sentences through video.

A melodramatic teaser trailer for a Flash game I made, created under educational fair use. The music is edited from the Spiderman introduction credits.

A contagion model programmed in Flash that depicts the typical "humans vs zombies" war. The model is programmed in "decision space", in which agents are continually making decisions to bring them "closer" or "farther" away from their targets. This takes away the necessity to consider pathing algorithms, 3d space, and considering an agent's scope of vision. Weapons are generated randomly around the playing field, which humans can pick up and use against the zombies. There is a wide assortment of features and variables that can be tweaked as well, for the user to play with.

A Flash animation trailer I created with a very suspenseful and very dramatic atmosphere.