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Who are you?
I work during the day as a programmer. I program all sorts of things; applications, websites, tools, anything.

How do you program?
I take a strong interest in good user interfaces and ergonomics. I try to program in a manner in which I would want to use the application. Uncomplicated, to the point, and unobtrusive applications make for the best applications, I find.

What kind of projects do you have?
All sorts. If I get an idea in my head and I have time to work on it, that's what I do. I am constantly coming up with new ideas to play with.

How can I contact you?
Through the contact page, of course.

I have a problem with one of your applications. How do I let you know?
The contact page is the best way to reach me and let me know. Please provide as much detail as possible about what the problem is. If you leave your email, I will be able to contact you back and ask for more details, should I need them.